Beersmiths gästar Nöjesguidens ölmässa i Göteborg

Redaktion 11:34 11 Feb 2020
Beersmiths kommer till Nöjesguidens ölmässa i Göteborg! Visst är det härligt? Dave Barratt, vd och bryggmästare, svarade på våra frågor. Han svarade på engelska men det förstår ni ju utan problem, så vi struntar i att översätta.
Text: Angelica Bergström
Hur grundades Beersmiths?
– You could say that Beersmiths started when I started to make homebrew at University to get cheap beer. In reality Beersmiths started around 5 years ago when we decided we wanted to change direction going forward. Having decided on a brewery we basically built the brewery over the summer of 2016 and our first sales were at the end of that year.
Vad kännetecknar en bra öl?
– The main thing for me is that it needs to be well made, have a clean taste, no faults and be easy to drink. Classic styles are generally, and again for me, the best as they have stood the passage of time. That said I like the modern experimentation and innovation we do and beers with fruit and different flavourings can be really good to provide a little interest and variety.
VIlken är din favoritöl just nu?
– My favourite beer just now is definitely our Barley Wine. It is simply amazing.
Vilka utmaningar väntar den svenska ölindustrin?
Sweden, and Göteborg in particular, is more and more seen as a key player in the craft beer industry and that means we see more and more imports from the large ‘craft’ breweries at low price which is certainly a challenge. Our own challenge is finding ways in Sweden to get our best beers easily available for the general public to buy as just now we cannot do that due to the way the market in Sweden operates.
Om du inte får säga Beersmiths, vilket bryggeri tycker du är Sveriges bästa just nu?
– Poppels.
Vad kommer det för spännande släpp från Beersmiths framöver?
– From a beer perspective in March we will launch a modern New England IPA that we think is quite special. However, and as a teaser, we are also working on a special project that we think is really exciting and that we will announce in the next few months.
Vad ser du mest fram emot med Nöjesguidens ölmässa i Göteborg?
– Meeting the great people who always come to this show.
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