Hop Shed Brewery kommer till Nöjesguidens Ölmässa i Stockholm

13:24 14 Jan 2020
Det började, som så ofta när det gäller craftbeer, som en passion och fortsatte med eget bryggeri. Vi spolar framåt till 2019 och hux flux öppnar Hop Shed Brewery både en egen pub och utökar bryggeriverksamheten. Nu lämnar Bruce Todd och Rob Bough med flera Gotland för att träffa oss på Nöjesguidens ölmässa. Ni förstår ju engelska, så vi översätter inte.
Berätta hur ert bryggeri startades?

– Hop shed started as a hobby, and just kept growing. We started out in a 15sqm shed (friggebod) and have been growing slowly for the last 5 years. We reinvest profits into new equipment, and in 2019 we built the Hop Shed Brew Pub. Complete with a 2nd brewery, allowing us to entertain up to 150 guests year round. We installed 20 taps, and plan to create Gotlands best Craft beer pub. Check it out next time you visit Visby!
Hur skulle du beskriva er ölstil?

– We definatley have an American craft beer style, with lots of hoppy beers created with big, bold American hops. But we also like to experiment with big beers like Russian imperial stouts, and even a few fruit beers. Our core range covers the basics with a lager, pale ale, Red ipa, Porter and mango pale ale, but we also brew a lot of small batches during the year that end up on tap in our pub.
Vad kännetecknar en bra öl?
– A beer should be what the brewer was trying to say. It's a form of expression, with a specific style and taste profile being able to wake up your senses. Weather its a hoppy ipa, or a balanced porter.
Vad tror du att det är som lockar med just hantverksbryggerier?
– Craft breweries are not only a small business, but a crucial link in society. They represent a lifestyle, and an attitude. When you buy locally produced craft beer, you are helping someone live their dream, and they appreciate that! In return, the breweries are always trying to chase the perfect beer, as a reward for the support you show them. We have an amazing quality of craft beer in sweden, so just #drinklocal
Om du inte får säga ditt eget, vilket tycker du är Sveriges bästa bryggeri just nu?
– It's really hard to say just one, but this time round im sticking to brewski. Those guys are doing amazing things locally & internationally, as well as hosting an amazing festival every year. Lastly their taproom is off the hook !
Vilken är nästa stora öltrend?

– I'd say we will be seeing more barrel aged madness, and beers brewed with rocks shipped here from the moon :)
Vilken är din egen favoritöl just nu?
– Everything thats rolling off the line at our new test batch brewery. Coming up next is a neipa, and a traditionally brewed black Gotlands drikke!
Vilken typ av öl föredrar du annars?
– Depends on the weather, so anything from a crisp lager, to a barrel aged imperial stout!
En framtidsspaning, vad är det viktigaste som händer i den svenska ölvärlden 2020?
1. Lowered alcohol tax, so breweries can actually get paid for the work they put in!
2. Farm sales- Because the rest of the world doesn't understand why you can't visit a brewery, and buy a beer to take home.
3. Brewpubs- Allowing breweries to get closer to their customers !
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