När Lena och Judd jobbar ihop

Parisa Amiri 17:43 28 Jan 2013

Apatow: Sometimes I'll say something profound like, "Maybe we should show Peter Scolari's penis."

Dunham: Mmhm.

Apatow: And you will email back, "Yes, that seems like a good idea. Do you think he'll do it?" And then I say, "Yes, I think he will do it." And then he does do it.

Dunham: Bigger and better than we had even imagined.

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Apatow: You know, the show is run differently from other shows because we're trying to really filter everything through you. My goal is to have you do as much work as possible without getting killed. So part of what I'm trying to do is pace you so you don't collapse. For me, a lot of the work is just having a very fresh brain and set of eyes to read things and look for where there are holes or trouble and then trying to help fix that.

Dunham: I feel like you're constantly monitoring my brainpower and body power, even when I'm not able to tell what I'm feeling.

Apatow: I try to think months in advance, When will you collapse?

Dunham: And you've been a pretty good judge so far.

I Fast Company berömmer Lena Dunham och Judd Apatow varandra på ett uppslag. I princip. De nystar upp sin arbetsprocess, man får veta hur lite Judd egentligen skriver för serien och man kan inte, trots det uppenbara myset i intervjun, undgå att känna inflationen i mängden pressyta de två har skänkts den senaste tiden. Alla redaktörers dröm. 


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