Napoleon på Svanen-avslutningen

Sebastian Lundfall 10:11 11 Jun 2009

Ikväll är det vårens sista Svan på Jazzhuset och på scen står Napoleon som nyligen fick full pott av The Independents recensent.

Erik Dahlbergsgatan


60 kr

Simon Price skrev följande i The Independent, om bandet Napoleons kommande album Bohemians Won The Series And The Little Guy Joined The Band:

5/5 - "Outstanding"

"Napoleon are a flamboyant eccentric soul-pop troupe from Sweden whose
10 members have an average age of 22.

They're exuberant like a puppy with its tongue out, admit to
influences from Dexys to R Kelly, borrow lyrics from the Smiths and
Gladys Knight, but remind me primarily of unjustly forgotten 1990s
heroes Orlando. It's fair to say they make Alphabeat sound like Joy
Division and will be musical Marmite to many, although their flavour
is closer to strawberry jam.

Pick of the album: The gloriously titled 'I Try To Despise the Ugly
People...' "

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