Aubrey mordhotar under intervju

Parisa Amiri 10:56 26 Jul 2013

För att en kvinnlig komediskådis ska få bli intervjuad av GQ slutar det som bekant med "pin-up" lex Communitys finest Alison Brie och Gillian Jacobs (kommer ALDRIG SLUTA ÄLTA) om man inte är Maya Rudolph och brings in the awkardness

Så när älskade, demoniska Aubrey Plaza kallas in för intervju är resultatet med bikini på rygg givet. Och sekundärt. Intervjun slutar i den sortens journalisttrollande som Aubrey gjort till en elitsport. NJUT: 

My phone rings. "Who's that, your wife?" she asks. I tell her it's my girlfriend.

"Tell her you're staying here for the night," she says, "because a murderer kidnapped you." Her eyes flare. "What if you find out I'm not shooting a movie here? I'm going to follow you on my bike and kill you."


When we arrive at her place, she invites me in to show me the knife that she'd kill me with. It's sitting on the built-in bookshelf next to her bed. "This is it," she says. "I practice picking it up quickly." She perches on the bed and picks it up, twice, quickly.

It is not clear if she is fucking with me.


"Vagina," she says into the voice recorder. "Penis. Balls." She starts laughing to herself. "Old person's penis. With a top hat on it. And a mustache. On the beach."


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