I huvudet på Dave Chappelle

Amat Levin 17:48 18 Nov 2014

GQ har precis publicerat sin långa intervju med Dave Chappelle, världens bästa just nu levande komiker. Han hoppade ju som bekant av sin rekordframgångsrika Chappelle’s Show 2005 och gick mer eller mindre under jord i flera år innan han började dyka upp så smått igen 2011.

I somras gjorde han storstilad comeback med tio kritikerrosade och utsålda uppträdanden på Radio Music Hall i New York och den här gången har han, förhoppningsvis, återvänt för att stanna. Detta är måsteläsning för alla Dave Chappelle-fans. Hela intervjun hittar ni här, några utdrag kommer nedan. OCH – här, här och här kan ni kolla på hans gästande av David Letterman och Jimmy Fallon från i somras.


Om D’Angelo:

”I know you used to live near D'Angelo. Do you think his album will ever come out?

– I'd like to think so. I haven't talked to him personally in a while, but the last time I called him, he had a long outgoing message on his machine. It was like a Malcolm X speech. And the last part was so intense. He was like, "The price of freedom is death!" Beeeep! I didn't even leave that dude a message. I just hung up the phone. Like, just listening to D'Angelo's answering machine puts you on the no-fly list, it's so militant.”


Om saker han har kvar att göra:

What's another thing on that bucket list?

– For one year, I want to do this thing where I guest-star on as many television shows as I possibly can. I love television. The fact that television ultimately made me famous was very gratifying for me. Chris Tucker did it in movies, and Chris Rock did it from his stand-up, which was very impressive. But you know, the thing that people most will remember me for is Chappelle's Show. If I were to never do anything else, that show would be a culmination of what was a very long and tedious process of me learning how to be in the television business.

So if you could choose, what shows would you guest-star on?

– I'd be a zombie in The Walking Dead. A corpse on CSI. I'd be the first black guy to fuck Olivia Pope on Scandal....


Om kändisskap och paradoxer:

Comedians seem like their lives are perennially paradoxes.
At a certain point... you know what it's like? It's like that guy Steve McQueen.

The director?
Right. He makes 12 Years a Slave, and it's a massive hit. And I'm watching him on television, and he's at one of those parties. And I'm like, "Yo, that must be the weirdest fucking thing, to be at that party for making that movie, because that movie is a fucking angry, angry movie." That's one of the reasons it's so powerful. Because he's like, "Fuck it, I'm not pulling any punches." You know, I remember being in there. You could hear a pin drop in the theater. And that shit put him in the lap of Hollywood. This is not to disparage him. I'm just saying. These types of paradoxes, to live through them is very hard for somebody to imagine.

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