Ett spirituellt samtal med Abdu Ali

Malin Wester 16:34 1 Jan 2014
via Lawrence Burney (TRUELAURELS)

Jag kom över Abdu Ali's mixtape PUSH + SLAY under hösten och blev helt tagen. Mitt direkta intryck var en progressiv utveckling ur Baltimoresoundet med genreöverskridande uttryck och punkattityd. Det är något som inte kan placeras. Normkritiskt och provokativt, livsnödvändigt. Samarbeten med produktioner av utmanande producenter som bl.a. Schwarz, Matic808, James Nasty och Lord Baby. Förutom soundet fastnade jag även för texterna, lyriken och den dagliga poesin som både lugnar och framhäver denna existensiella oro. Det måste läsas och höras. Jag är så sjukt glad att få ställa några frågor för denna hjärna är så jävla intressant

Basic question! Who are you and what are you up to?

I'm a taboo. I'm Baltimore. I'm black living in America. I'm trying to be rooted and to be more grounded in my work, existing as myself with myself.


How would you describe your scene? Is it global/local? What platforms and how is it being expressed?

I don't have a scene, I feel like "scenes" don't exists as concrete as they use to be. Everything is so blurry now. I try to be connected to everybody, everywhere, and create my own platform for my music, expressing it in anyway for whatever the moment calls for.


How would you describe your sound?



What other sounds and expressions are there that influence you?

The sounds of life, the past, and the internet.

Are there any other cultural expressions you are being inspired by?

The modern punk attitude. It's a real thing. S/O to B L A C K I E & Cities Aviv.


How is the Baltimore club scene?

It's alive in certain individuals, it's always going to be apart of the fabric of our culture but the community of Baltimore Club musicians from dj's to vocalist, is very loose. The Baltimore club dancers really have a vibrant scene though. They deserve a bigger platform than they are getting.


Share 3 sounds that would characterize the scene around you!

I will speak on Baltimore club. It's all about the bass, the drum kick, and vocal loops; it's loud, passionate, provocative, and spiritual.


You have an amazing characteristic look on pictures and performing. How would you describe it?

I'm really having a hard time answering this question. It's something I think about all the time. How can I put what I look like and give, into words? It's so hard. I'm speechless. I would describe the characteristic of what I am through the things I'm inspired by. I think I am inspired by the culture of black church, the big hats, the holy ghost performance, the spiritual freedom, the shouting. It's very colorful. But I am inspired too by the fantasies of the internet, the 3d, the afro futurism. I'm mesmerized by the glamour and gold dew of the 70s. So I try to incorporate all these things and a bunch of more shit into my performance and aesthetic. It varies. Trust, it's complex. At one moment I can be moved by the struggles of Baltimore drug addict or by the way they dress to being moved by my friends smile or their love for me. OK I'm going off tangent now. But yea, I guess what I do is indescribable, and at first that made me feel insecure but now I'm like fuck it. You be who you be.


What will 2014 bring? Are you planning on something?

A MUSICAL MASSACRE and RESURRECTION. I will be giving transparency through music, giving people experiences through crystalline sounds, lyrics of matter, and body piercing vocals in two projects, a vinyl and another self released album.


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