Flyboy! om hans nya EP

Malin Wester 13:02 10 Mar 2014

Idag släpptes en av de bästa EP:s jag hört. Det är den Los Angeles-baserade producenten Flyboy! som tidigare producerat för kända namn som typ OFWGKTA, ni kanske hört? Nu har han gjort fyra dramatiska låtar på det numera Stockholmsbaserade norska skivbolaget RAW JUICE.

Inte bara det! I slutet av mars kommer han till Stockholm, specifikt den 28e, för att spela med detta amazing gäng på Slakthuset: Groundislava, Paigey Cakey, Raw Juice och jag (TRUE!) - kalaset arrangeras av We Luv Bass. Det blir kul! Jag passade på att ta ett snack med Flyboy! om det hela. ♥︎

Hey Flyboy! <3
Hey whats up!

What are you doing?
Right now I'm Literally I've been up to a ton of new stuff. Been in the studio with some amazing people, working on a bunch of new tunes.

You are are somewhat mysterious, coming out of the blue releasing this amazing EP on a scandinavian label Raw Juice. Who are you?
Im from Los Angeles, I love to surf and make music!

What is your musical past?
I've had no "Proper" training but I work really hard on figuring things out, I'm super curious.

Tell us about the new release!
The new ep "Up" is 4 songs, all which were inspired by flying, travel, and the ocean. It will be out on Raw Juice Records very soon!

Being based in Los Angeles, how did you find out about Raw Juice?
I found them on soundcloud, hit em up, and sent some music. the internet is crazy these days, things can happen in a blink of an eye!

How is the L.A. music and club scene?
There's almost 2 different scenes, the hollywood scene, top 40's edm, rap, and pop. Then there are numerous underground clubs that play post dub, rnb, twerk music, and a whole ton of other genres. I very much enjoy both!

What do you listen to otherwise? Any specific scenes, producers or artists at the moment?
I listen to everything, recently its been a ton of rap coming out of the east coast/southern states. Also producers I've found on soundcloud theres so much music right now.

Do you have any future plans?
Yea a bunch of plans. Hope to get my pilots license, continue to collab with artists, continue to play out at clubs, and just constantly learn.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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