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Malin Wester 13:32 2 Dec 2013


Jag fortsätter denna romans med Jersey Club och har nu snackat med en av de allra ballaste DJ's/producenterna där ute, DJ UNiiQU3, som bl.a. är med och planerar JERSEY CLUB AWARDS - den enda award show jag egentligen är riktigt sugen på!! - nu på fredag, 6:e december. Ni kan streama showen live på från kl 19.00 lokal tid (est.)

Jag har inte hymlat om min kärlek för henne och dessa lokala club-genres innan. Skulle jag vilja säga att hon är en av de mest aktiva producenterna inom scenen, men det hör nog även till - att slänga upp en låt om dagen är inte ovanligt. Men ja, produktiv. UNiiQU3 har också framförallt spännande samarbeten, helt otippade, med producenter både lokalt och globalt: LOLgurlzDJ Yolo Bear (ett pseudonym av några kända DJ's och producenter), LSDXOXO, denna på GHE20G0TH1KNYC och folk som mixar och lånar hennes röst. 

Här får ni en uppvärmning i form av hennes mix åt LFTF tidigare i år med blandat UNiiQU3 och annan jersey club m.m.

betyg: 6

What are you up to and what do you have coming up?

I have a couple of things I’m working on right now. I’m finishing up my mixtape which should be out in January 2014. Then I’m also finishing up my EP, which I’m really excited about because it’s all original material done by myself, and I’m also singing and rapping on it! 

How did you first get in touch with DJ'ing and producing?

I started DJing because there were no female DJ's where I was from, it was all guys. I had asked my boyfriend at the time to teach me and he did. I got into producing for the same reason, but that’s something I had to learn how to do on my own. 

How has your musical interest evolved during the past years?

My musical interest has evolved a lot over the past years. I was theater kid, and I played the piano aside from listening to Mary J Blige, Dipset and Christina Aguilera. My mom is Puerto Rican so Spanish music was always blasting in the house too! I got into club music in middle school, Chicago Juke and Jersey Club, those were the songs that got the parties hype! So I guess you can say I was always a bit well rounded when it came to my music choices.

Who are Brick Bandits?

Brick Bandits is a collection of talented DJ's, producers and rappers from New Jersey and Philly. We make some of the best club jams out! Big ups to Mike V, DJ Tim Dolla and DJ Tameil for being the pioneers which changed the Jersey Club Culture. Be sure to expect so much from the squad in the upcoming years!

As I said earlier, in my head, you are one of the people I connect with the Jersey club scene. Though, being in Scandinavia I can't really tell how the scene really is, but I really want to know more.

What is the Jersey Club scene all about? When and where did it begin?


Well, Jersey Club is a spin off of Baltimore Club music with a tempo ranging from 130 to 140 bpm. It was first dubbed the name Brick City Club since it started in Newark, New Jersey and in time expanded to the rest of the state.

The Jersey Club scene is crazy, in a good way. You can simply tell by the music. Jersey Club has a huge effect on the dance culture in New Jersey. There’s a whole bunch of street teams, that consist of DJ's, producers and dancers and they throw events. Every week there's a dope event going on to enjoy!


Where does it take place/What spaces and platforms are the most important?

Some parties are in clubs, some are in lofts, art galleries, basements and warehouses. The art galleries will always be a place I appreciate, because aside from throwing events it's a place where people get to showcase their talent. We don’t have enough of places like that in New Jersey that’s available to the youth. 


Why do you think there are so many local underground club genres in the US?

Honestly I have no clue, but it’s dope. It’s a beautiful thing and something I’ve been researching over the years.  In Cali they “jerk”.  In Chicago they “footwork” which is similar to “getting lite” which they do in New York. We do multiple dances in New Jersey, but I’m happy that we were able to share them with the world through platforms like soundcloud and youtube.



Have the scene evolved through the years?


- Yes, the scene has evolved a lot, from the dances we do to how Jersey Club sounds. It’s not like how it used to be in 2007-2009. The dance culture got a bit oversaturated which affected things a bit, as well as some venues closing down. Yet because of that I’m starting to see a lot of DIY venues popping up which I’m sure will help things get back to how they used to be. 



The scene has got a lot of attention from outside during the last couple of years. Are there any local discussions about musical gentrification and exploitation of this scene?

- I honestly think this happens to every great genre. It happens in the music industry period, it’s been going on for years. With the majority of the Jersey Club producers being minors and some not being privileged as others, it’s a bit upsetting. Some of the younger producers don’t even know that this is going on, and I myself got educated on the subject earlier this year. Despite all of it, I believe that everything will fall into place in a very positive way really soon. 

Coming up friday is the Jersey Club Awards. For once I have an award show that I actually am looking forward to!
How are you involved in this?

- I’m helping the staff plan the whole show. I was apart of the staff for the 1st Annual Jersey Club Awards, in 2011 and I got asked to assist them this year. I’m really excited about it because we have some great performances and people involved this year. 

Why the idea of starting an award show?

We wanted the youth to be able to showcase their talents as well as unify New Jersey as a whole. It’s a beautiful thing to see the DJ's, producers rappers, singers, dancers, adults and kids in the crowd supporting everyone in real life.

How have people been responding to it? Have there been any buzz around it locally?

Everyone get’s really excited about, from nominees promoting to their supporters to the local talent that’s performing. This year we asked a local blog site to host the polls and we also got a local radio station to live stream the whole show so everyone can tune in who wasn’t able to make it. 

Do you think the award show will evolve the scene?

Yes I do. This year we wanted to bring light to all forms of talent in New Jersey. Aside from showcasing local talent we have DJ Cheese who is a DMC Champion and Driicky Graham performing as well as Rah Digga making a special guest appearance. I’ve also asked some overseas friends to make a shout out video for us, which I’m really excited about! We have some really dope local sponsors involved too! I think this year will educate everyone a lot about the culture and make them realize the potential we all have if we work together.


Länkar som ni kan kolla upp!

The Jersey Club Awards

The Jersey Club Awards Twitter
Streamas här på fredag, 6e december, kl 7.00 pm est. lokal tid



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